Lacci Fratelli Borgioli men's custom made Black leather lace-up derby shoe. Punch and wing-tip detail. Hand made in Italy

Shoes Made To Order – Black Leather Lace Derby Shoe by Lacci Fratelli Borgioli

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Product Description

Lacci Fratelli Borgioli black leather lace-up derby wing-tip shoe

This beautiful custom made shoe is produced in a high quality Italian leather.

A classic lace-up derby shoe with wing-tip and punch detail

Leather sole.

All Lacci Fratelli Borgioli shoes are made to order, passing through no fewer than 180 different handling processes – please allow 4-5 weeks for final delivery. Due to the entirely hand made nature of this special product, slight variations in colour and tone are to be both expected and enjoyed.

Lacci Fratelli Borgioli is an exciting niche supplier of high quality handmade footwear, belts and associated accessories. Designed and manufactured according to the best established traditions whose roots lie deep in the finest Italian workmanship and artistry. The Borgioli brothers set out in 1946 with an eye for detail and an unwavering focus on quality. That focus is still at the heart of the family business today.

From the heart of Tuscany, close to the birth place of Leonardo DaVinci here are represented over sixty years of pure handicraft: this is the secret of Lacci Fratelli Borgioli.

Choose from a wide range of very precious leather and excellent hides which have been skillfully aged, shaped and defined to the utmost detail, with entirely hand made add-ons.


When purchasing a pair of Lacci Fratelli Borgioli shoes you are acquiring a piece of true art and craftsmanship which should not be confused with cheaper, inferior products. Remember you can keep your shoes in excellent condition with Fratelli Borgioli’s professional shoe¬†care brushes and polish kit.


Made in Italy


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