Top 6 Tailoring Accessories for 2015.

The Boardroom’s Guide to tailoring accessories 2015

#1 – Tab Collared Shirts  – A Simple button tab to bring the collar closer together.

#2 – Lapel Pin – A accessory with limitless designs, something different is always good!
#3 – Metal Collar Stiffeners –  Plastic stiffeners are ok but prone to bending. Always have a straight collar with this brass set.
#4 – Pocket Square / Circle – Contrast or Match to your tie and let your imagination go wild!
#5 – Sunglasses – A timeless classic that can transform your look.

#6 – Watch –  A classic accessory that comes in many shapes and sizes, but an understated timepiece that oozes class is always at home in a suit.


You will find it nearly impossible to know of a man that has disliked his bespoke suit from The Boardroom – an experience that every man should have.


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