Shirt & Tie Matching Guide!

Never clash again with this easy guide!

Shirt and Tie combinations are the main area that you can express your personality in a sea of corporate appropriate suits, but with great power comes great responsibility. Mistakes can be made and with catastrophic results!

Where to start : The Colour Wheel!
The colour offers you a visual representation of every colour shade and, more importantly, the similar, complementary and contrasting colours! For example, Orange and its colour wheel opposite compliment each other wonderfully!


The Shirt Categories

1. The Work horses

PLAIN! Plain shirts in a variety of colours adds a huge catalogue of shirt and tie combinations. The essentials are White, Pink and Sky Blue. These colours cover a wide range on the colour wheel and give you your best bang for buck!
Almost anything goes with white, and as long as you stick to the colour wheel with other coloured shirts you have nothing to worry about!

Cheat Sheet!
White = Any!
Sky Blue = Orange, Red, Yellow, Green and Dark Navy.
Pink = Purple, Green and Blue work best!

2. Stripes

Lets get it out of the way, do stripe shirts and striped ties match? Yes. As long as they are not the same thickness of stripe in the shirt.

Printed and Woven ties are your best friend in this scenario, yes block coloured ties match but it is very obvious. Polka dots, paisley and geometric designs are all fair game.

3. Checks

Checks shirts always require a larger patterned tie to avoid getting lost. Stripes are perfectly acceptable and combined with the colour wheel above you can really start to show off your creative side.

What to avoid: Intricate detailed patterns such as geometrics and paisley. These patterns play tricks with our eyes, making it difficult to focus when looking at your shirt and tie!

 As a general guideline this is a great place to start but as for everything practice makes perfect!