Sartoria Partenopea – Made to Measure.

Neapolitan Fashion.

SartoriaPartenopea is hand crafted in Naples, one of the most haute couture regions in the world. They specialise in custom made to measure garments,  Sartoria Partenopea is revered for its outstanding fitting, precision of cuts, excellence of fabrics and care of details.

The Details

  • 21 Step process for the jacket  production alone. (More info)
  • Hand Stitched and cut
  • Any fabric you like from our range of books.
  • Any lining you like from our range of books.
  • True Bespoke options.
  • Matching Overcoats available.

Sartoria Partenopea not only creates bespoke made to measure suits, but also have a range of 7-fold ties pre-made or made to measure at any length, meaning a child size tie is possible.

The ultimate in luxury mens tailoring without equal. Call in to our store in Belfast or send us an email [HERE] if you would like to book a consultation.

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