Sartoria Partenopea – “High-flying Tailoring”

Artisans in “High-Flying Tailoring”

Sartoria Partenopea has recently opened its doors and updated their website to show us just what goes into making a Sartoria Partenopea suit. Angelo Blasi’s passion for tailoring is the legacy of a family that is proud of a tradition lasting over 100 years in the production of high quality suits which are exported all around the world.

A Brief history


In 1996 Angelo founded Sartoria Partenopea, with 30 employees, some of whom came from the old company and who decided to follow him in this new ambitious project. His passion for tailoring and attention to detail have allowed Sartoria Partenopea to be a company always at the peak of success and in constant growth, proud of a 5000 square metres office since 2004 and counting over 70 employees to the present day.

The People

Angelo had the idea but it’s Sartoria Partenopea’ s amazing artisan tailors with combined centuries of experience and attention to detail that really make their garments unique. Expert tailors strictly make every single item by hand, spending up to 16 hours of work on various stages. The soft lining, the impeccable fit and the natural elegance make these suits comfortable for those who wear them. Each item is scrupulously checked before delivery to ensure perfection.


 In 2006 Angelo Blasi receives the prestigious “Work Merit Star”, honour of the Italian Republic, conferred by the President of the Republic to the Italian citizens who stand out for singular merits of skill, industriousness and good moral conduct, which involve the title of “Master of Labour”.

Take a look inside the showroom in Naples!

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