Made to Measure Belfast!

Let the Suit fit you! The Boardroom can look after you! Get made to measure belfast treatment today!!

Thats right! Get the suit you always wanted, choose from our selected italian and french styles and brands that will make you a suit to your every specification.

Come on down to The Boardroom, situated in the heart of Belfast is as unique and individual as the man who wears a bespoke made to measure garment. From several direct measurements we begin to create your bespoke made to measure suit.

Choose from thousands of the finest fabrics from Italy, France and England. The Boardroom offers suits, jackets and trousers by Louis Purple and Sartoria Partenopea.


Expert hands realise each style with meticulous attention. With thread and needle only, they follow ancient tailor rules, making each stitch with precision and accuracy. The result is a suit of great value, fruit of handicraft, patience, and above all, passion.




The French tailor Louis Purple  collection offers many styles and body types to satisfy your desire for made-to-measure or ready-to-wear clothing. From classic to modern the vast variety of models are sure to please the most discerning customer.


Please do not hesitate to contact us or just call in store for a chat! Remember that you this is a local made to measure belfast service! Below you can find the exact location of our store in  the heart of Belfast.