Perofil, Italy’s Luxury Mens underwear brand – has arrived.


Thats right! Perofil is available instore and online at The Boardroom!


The Boardroom¬†has brought Italy’s luxury Underwear brand to Belfast and the online market. This amazing over a century old company has been supplying Italy and the world with the most exquisite luxury underwear garments that the world has seen. There is no substitute to Perofil. ¬†Try out your first pair today and you will see what all the fuss is about!




Perofil History

Perofil turned hundred years old in 2010. One hundred years that saw Perofil grow and establish itself as a leader in the world of men’s underwear. Ever since our founder, Francesco Perolari, thought to produce the handkerchiefs, which until then were hand-sewn by women, mostly using old sheets.

Since then, time has passed and the company of Bergamo has become a reality entrepreneurial class: in 1932 the construction of the first factory in via Straw, then weaving and spinning in via Zanica, between the forties and the fifties, to the new location in the same place, which opened in 1962.

The ’68 was a year of revolutions for us, with the start of production of the Heads of underwear for men, while 80 pajamas we added to our offer. Here we are, today we have a hundred years but we remain young.



Perofil UK Quality

“The value of a product is measured by the care it takes to do it . We commit ourselves to find the best raw materials, to analyze the needs of consumers, to study the physical and physiological needs of the male body, to submit woven dozens of tests. We do it every day, for a hundred years, to guarantee the highest quality.”

Perofil UK innovation

Innovation means to improve human welfare . For us to Perofil the most modern techniques are used to this: combining the centuries-old tradition of our company to the latest techniques and the most modern design, we get the quality you are looking for intimate male.

Perofil UK Sustainability

Being ethical and sustainable for us is a choice and a necessity . We offer products that respect nature and people, the environment and workers. Clean energy to the care of the materials, the code of conduct for suppliers to support the territory: the protection of the Earth is the principle that guides us.



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