Il Bussetto – Luxury Leather Italian leather wallets and small leather products.


Beautiful Il Bussetto Italian wallets available at the boardroom!

Il Bussetto is specialised in the production and distribution of small leather goods. There craftsmen still use an ancient Italian technique which allows the creation of complex objects without using any kind of seams. There products are completely hand made and the time required to create them is very long; they have decided to follow the tradition because we think that the high quality and the originality of our products are the points of strength and of distinction of our brand.


How are they made?

Il Bussetto’s leather is first cut and drenched with water, then fitted on wooden shapes to dry for several days. Finally, the articles are hand-painted (it is possible to create a composition of different colours on the same article), brushed with previously heated iron instruments called “bussetti”, then liberally waxed and buffed to a glowing lustre.
Our brand is the result of this meticulous process and it is represented by products of gentle beauty and elegance, characterised by the brightness of the colours.

Leather colouring.

The leather we use is the finest Italian “cuoio”, tanned using vegetal products. This way of tanning leather is very old and implies the use of vegetal tannins derived from trees like chest-nut trees or quebracho trees. The colours are completely natural and are diluted with water and alcohol, in order to be easily absorbed without leaving any trace in the final product.


There craftsmen still use an ancient Italian technique which allows them to create sturdy objects out of leather without the use of unattractive seams.We also modified the classic shapes of the items traditionally produced using this technique, in order to adapt them to modern everyday’s life, still preserving the enduring fascination of tradition. Not only the shapes of traditional items have been modified, but we also created completely new shapes, in order to be able to fulfill the needs of modern life: examples of this process are our I-pod and I-phone cases, which are a perfect mix of unique elegance, convenience and discretion.


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