How a Sartoria Partenopea garment is made.

Just how much detail goes into a Sartoria Partenopea garment? Well you have came to the right place!

Below are the bespoke manufacturing steps that Sartoria Partenopea take to make there amazing garments. Their attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship really shines through when greeted with the final product.


Manufacturing steps for jackets.

Light chalk marks trace the shape of the suit. The cut is set.


Just as a century ago the cut is done by hand, the precision to the millimeter. The jacket profiles are traced.



The Cut demands maximum experience and attention.




The cutting phase is finished. On the table the style is broken up. The sewing phase starts here.


From small pieces of fabric the pockets take shape. An operation that is apparently easy, but each check and stripe must tie in.



The pocket Trims are strictly hand stitched.



The fabric is stitched. The chest takes shape. the perfect fitting is guaranteed by this simple operation.



The able hands of the tailor baste the back. The jacket owes its comfort to these passages.


The lapel: or rather, personality. Each jacket has one and owes much to the precision of the cut.




The body of the jacket is nearly complete. Small passages of an ancient knowledge.


The neck basting, the trim done with the typical whisker of the tailor tradition.



The sleeves are stitched. Keeping the maximum attention to the aplomb which must have the right drop.



The trimming: Small details that determine the fitting and the lasting of the styles. All strictly by hand. Last touches of a masterpiece.






Final Ironing: the shape of the style also depends from the master artisan’ s capability of exalting the shape and softness.


Thimble needle and thread and a great preciseness even in the performing of the smallest details. The buttonholes are opened and each stitch is by hand.


The Sleeve buttons. Joined between them to make them stronger and compact.


Even the simple button stitching is handmade. One by one.


A cross-stitch seam and the label is attached. Wearing it will be a daily pleasure.



We hope you enjoyed reading into the background and just how much handcrafted work goes into making your made to measure garment.

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