The Grey Flannel Suit.

A Timeless Classic with endless class.

The grey flannel suit is a timeless piece of menswear and a worthwhile investment for any modern professional. Drenched in understated luxury and sophistication, it makes a versatile and practical addition to any cold-weather tailoring wardrobe.

What is Flannel?

Made from wool, flannel is a soft woven material brushed to create extra softness. The brushing process uses a fine metal brush, which rubs the fabric to create fine fibres from the loosely spun yarns.


Soft rather than stiff, grey flannel has a relaxed matt look. Once you have decided on the type of flannel we then send your measurements off to our artisan tailors who skilfully cut and tailor the suit to fit you perfectly. However, be careful not to fall in love too much, as wearing flannel continuously over long periods or consecutive days is ill-advised, as it is a cloth that needs to rest.


How can The Boardroom make you the perfect suit?

The Boardroom is capable of creating your dream bespoke suit from the best cloths around the world. Once your desired cloth is chosen and measurements taken, your personal suit data is sent to Louis Purple or Sartoria Partenopea for artisan levels of tailoring to be completed. Within a matter of weeks you will be able to meet your bespoke made to measure suit.

You will find it nearly impossible to know of a man that has disliked his bespoke suit from The Boardroom – an experience that every man should have.


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