6 Tailoring Styles and Fabrics for Spring 2015.

Spring Has Almost Sprung!

It may not feel or look like it but there is no harm in looking ahead to the brighter future that will soon be upon us.

Spring! This means that we have to think about what we are going to replace our thick wool suits and toasty tweed jackets in favour for the new season making its way in.

What we hope to accomplish in this blog is to break down 6 styles and fabrics, with also an insight into how these can help during this coming season. Without further ado here is this first staple item on the spring tailoring list.

1. Half Lined – The tailor has nowhere to hide!
The best finished jackets are always half lined as all the final intricate stitching and cuts are on show, the tailor cannot hide behind the veil of silk lining. Half lined jackets are primarily there to increase airflow around the wearer, which makes it perfect for the warm spring days.


2. Cotton / Linen – Light & Airy
Compared to the traditional wool fabrics used for suiting, cotton and linen lend themselves beautifully to spring and summer tailoring. The nature of the fabrics being light and airy makes these fabrics a must have.


3. Open NeckContemporary European style.
As discussed in a recent boardroom blog for ‘Dressed-Down Suiting‘, open neck is a excellent option for when spring has sprung. Accompanied by suitable accessories such as the pocket square and or linen scarf it can transform any man.


4. ShirtsBe extreme this coming season!
Extreme cutaway collars and the Winchester shirt is going to be the styling trend this spring. Pink and light blue Winchester to really set of this seasons style.


5. ColourLighten up!
The suit colour to dominate them all this season is the ever popular Air Force Blue. This colour gives a wide range of uses from Weddings, daily business and if the cut is right casual jacket!


6. Double Breasted.Doubling down this spring.
A timeless cut that has that made its way back into trend last year. Double Breasted jackets will be making an even bigger stamp on 2015 as this powerful cut gains traction.