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5 Reasons To Buy A Made-To-Measure Suit

Customised Fit

A made to measure suit is crafted especially for you. Made to your exact specification, the feeling of slipping on a made to measure suit is an absolute pleasure, providing a fantastic look with great comfort


Fully Canvassed

With extra material between the interior and exterior fabrics, your suit is given a long-lasting shape and durability, rather than being fused or glued. A tip for checking if a jacket is fully canvassed is to pinch the front of the jacket between two fingers to see if you can detect a third canvassed layer

Choice of fabrics

There is an endless supply of fabrics to choose from, with different weights and material available. Often the hardest part of the made to measure process is being disciplined enough to pick just one. With off the peg suits, there are usually just a handful of options



With your fabric chosen, it’s time to pick out the lining for the inside of your jacket. You can be as bold and creative as you want in this department, with hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from. There are options to have your jacket half lined, to reduce the weight, or to use two or three different linings for different sections


Hand Sewn Buttonholes and Pockets

To stand out from the crowd at any event, your made to measure suit is crafted with hand sewn working buttonholes, which are available to be customised with your choice of matching or contrasting threads. Interior and exterior pockets are added to your specification, with useful options to add a mobile phone or coin pocket with zips to avoid losing valuables