3 Simple outfits for Dressed-Down Suiting.

Dressing down suiting.

This blog post is all about the trick to dressing down while remaining smart and dapper. One thing you do have to remember when removing the tie to achieve this look is that the tie helps to individualise the wearer’s look in a sea of monochrome suits, this means adding some panache or personality back into your suit. This can all be done with the following 3 simple suggestions.

Pocket Hankie & Roll Neck sweater has become a growing trend.

casual_look 92wideContrasting waistcoat and open neck, great versatility when wanting to remove jacket yet still look smart.

casual_look 10(1)wideOpen neck shirt with Scarf & gloves make great accessories to achieving this dressed down suiting look.

A685SSjCIAAJYAdwideThis style is great and is very easily achievable, merging your suit wardrobe with your casual can bring results just like these.

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