The Style of James Bond – Dr. No Suit

We’ll be working our way chronologically through the films of Bond, starting of course, with Dr No. This light grey suit is a common sight for Bond in his movies from the 60’s. In this film, the jacket has a draped chest, standard width lapels and quite a steep gorge. In Dr No, the jacket […]

Louis Purple 3

5 Reasons To Buy A Made-To-Measure Suit

Customised Fit A made to measure suit is crafted especially for you. Made to your exact specification, the feeling of slipping on a made to measure suit is an absolute pleasure, providing a fantastic look with great comfort Fully Canvassed With extra material between the interior and exterior fabrics, your suit is given a long-lasting […]


How to Care for Your Made To Order Shoes

Made to Order Shoes : Shoe Care A pair of made to order Italian handmade shoes can last a life time if cared for properly. In this quick guide I will take you through the process and tips of how to best care for your new pride and joy.   Step One : Clean The […]


The Summer Wedding – What to wear.

Summer Weddings Made Easy at Belfast’s Only Specialist Made to Measure Tailor. The first port of call will always be read the invitation if you want your outfit to be a cut above! Respect the dress code stated in the wedding invitation while putting your own spin and flare to your outfit to make it […]


Linen tailoring that you need this summer

Linen Tailoring & Suits Belfast Crafted from plant fibres, this fine material is praised for its lightweight form and breathability, making it arguably the perfect fabric for when temperatures rise. Not only does it feel good, but it looks good too, lending itself to the classic, gentlemanly look of times gone by. Just picture the glamour […]


Bespoke Childrens Suits Belfast!

Bespoke Children’s Suits Belfast Good quality kid’s suits can be hard to come by and important moments don’t last forever! At The Boardroom we are able to create a bespoke, custom made suit for any shape, size & personality! Choose any fabric and style from our almost endless selection of cloth books from the best […]


Shirt & Tie Matching Guide!

Never clash again with this easy guide! Shirt and Tie combinations are the main area that you can express your personality in a sea of corporate appropriate suits, but with great power comes great responsibility. Mistakes can be made and with catastrophic results! Where to start : The Colour Wheel! The colour offers you a visual […]


6 Tailoring Styles and Fabrics for Spring 2015.

Spring Has Almost Sprung! It may not feel or look like it but there is no harm in looking ahead to the brighter future that will soon be upon us. Spring! This means that we have to think about what we are going to replace our thick wool suits and toasty tweed jackets in favour […]


3 Simple outfits for Dressed-Down Suiting.

Dressing down suiting. This blog post is all about the trick to dressing down while remaining smart and dapper. One thing you do have to remember when removing the tie to achieve this look is that the tie helps to individualise the wearer’s look in a sea of monochrome suits, this means adding some panache or personality […]